1. Nature of services
Infographic.bg (Infographic Ltd.) provides an online, on-demand, creative service targeted at organizations and individuals seeking personalized quality visual content. We produce infographics, slideshow presentations and micro-content in line with client’s specific requirements. The value of the service offered lies in the talents of a unique creative team of skillful designers, copywriters, marketers and other creative specialists. For the moment, we offer content only in English.

2. Communication between client and service provider
We aim at minimizing communication with the client for the purpose of time efficiency and price advantage. The first point of communication is the filling out of a questionnaire form - a version of a creative brief. It is client’s responsibility to provide relevant information with their answers, which will ensure a final product corresponding most closely to their requirements. Help pages for each product questionnaire offer guidance for all questions. General consultation by phone is possible, if additional help is necessary. Main channel of communication is email (clients@infographic.bg), where product drafts and client feedback are exchanged. Longer discussions are conducted by phone.

3.Execution deadlines & Client feedback
Execution time for each content package is regarded in the following way: it starts from the moment you recieve a confirmation email for your content order from us (Our response could take a day at a maximum); at the end of the execution period you recieve from us an initial draft of your ordered product. Necessary revisions will stretch later in time. Initial draft means a version of the product which provides a good idea of the final looks of the content (could include only first part/ few slides, if the content is very long) of the general relation between constructive elements and its mood. The client is responsible for providing feedback on product drafts in 36 hours time after the draft has been sent. Delays in client reaction will justify unplanned delays in the delivery of our product. In all other cases, we guarantee you we will stick very strictly to the specified deadlines noted with each of our product packages. We can't always be sure we will have the necessary available time to execute an express or an ultra express order, so we give the client a prior confirmation for these.

4. Product purchase and payment
We are aware that there should be some existing chemistry between client and creative team, in order constructive collaboration to happen. That is why we prefer to present our clients with a first draft and then to request a purchase, in case our creative efforts have given a satisfactory result. After a payment is made, however, the paid fee stays nonrefundable and is not subject to a set-off. Our biggest desire is to leave at the end a happy client, so we are open to resolve eventual discontent with the final result with an additional, free revision, if it is justified. Payment is expected in the period of 2 working days, after the client has approved, in official communication by email, the first draft of their ordered content. The payment should be accomplished via a direct bank transfer to our bank account. (We sent you an official document stating the details of our bank account when payment stage comes.) The payment should be in euro currency. In case the client disapproves the first draft, the collaboration between client and team is suspended on a friendly note.

5. Confidentiality
During execution period, we treat all project-related information as strictly confidential. We are obliged not to publish any finalized client-owned content on our website, or use it with other advertising purposes, without the explicit consent of the owner (requested by the filling out of the creative brief).

Client questionnaire guidelines

Question 1
person - You should provide first and last name of the main contact person we are going to communicate with during our collaboration process.

Question 2
email - Most of our communication with the client is conducted via e-mail. As our observation of deadlines relies exceedingly on your timely feedback, you should provide a mailbox which you are sure you will review regularly.

Question 3
company - You should provide the name of the company/brand the content will be about.

Question 4
website - This should be the web address of the company provided on the previous question.

Question 5
business - Try to answer the following questions: In what field does your company specialize? What is the product or service you offer? What is the main customer benefit you offer? Resolution of a problem, achievement of a desired outcome or fulfillment of a need.

Question 6
consumer - Describe your customers in terms of location of residence, nationality, age, gender (if relevant), financial and educational status, lifestyle, values.

Question 7
personality - A brand personality is similar to a person’s personality and is something your customers can relate to. Imagine your brand is an individual. What qualities/values would he/she have?

Question 8
voice - Continuing from the previous question, how does this person usually talk, what is his voice? Official, casual, emotional, bold, restrained, smart, authentic, personal, down-to-earth, etc.

Question 1
project - We will use this title to refer to your project in our communication with you and inside our team.

Question 2
topic - What will your infographic narrate about: food habits of Europeans, variations in prices for real estate in Sofia for the last year, benefits of including quality visual content in your marketing strategy? Give us the overall idea!

Question 3
idea - Optimally, the content of an infographic is bound up by a story (see beginning of this page) or at least follows some logical sequence of concepts. Please lead us shortly through this logical development.

Question 4
content - You can complement our topical research with some partial information from your side, if you have available or if you insist on the inclusion of certain content.