Project goal:  We wanted to win some attention for our friends from a startup business called Arthesis before their appearance at the final round of the prestigious startup competition Chivas the Venture. Arthesis offers beautiful, changeable covers for prostheses on an unusually affordable price. We wanted also to shed some light on the issue of integrating limb amputees in our society.

What we did: We covered the issue of leg amputees in all its aspects: we gave the statistics, we provided the major insight, we presented the product, with its qualities and finally we exposed its market potential. All of this, through a simple, beautiful and easily understandable visualization.

Target audience: Venture capital entities, prosthetic clinics, limb amputees, anybody exposed to the topic of life after limb amputation

Medium: online, digital.

Retina (min. 1440px width) ready design
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Short project time