Project goal:  This new-comer to the luxury real estate market in Sofia, First Estates sought a fresh entry point to create brand awareness and assert their position as a credible, client-oriented and, first and foremost, a truly modern real estate agency.

What we did: We created two different infographics for the client, which became part of his long-term content marketing strategy.

Product: Our idea was to visualize the process of buying or selling a home in Bulgaria, so that all steps are structured and observable in one place. Of course, particular emphasis on the client benefits provided by a real estate agency was part of the plan. We aimed to include advice relevant for the local market specifically, which to be of use also to foreigners seeking to relocate to Sofia.

Target audience: Sofia natives, as well as foreigners, at managerial positions and a monthly income higher than 1500 levs.

Medium: digital and print

Retina (min. 1440px width) ready design
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Short project time